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Stock Solutions specializes in strategy, creativity, and design to improve clients revenue and digital presence.

Numerous clients express a common sentiment: “We regret not discovering you earlier!” Many have encountered disappointing experiences with inadequate marketing agencies, ones that promise everything but deliver nothing, ultimately harming revenue. We simplify the process; explore our client testimonials and witness the tangible results for yourself.

Meet The Leaders Of Your New Marketing Team. Austin and Kiara.
We started this family owned agency with one mission, to allow business owners to a reputable marketing service that works. We call it.. SMART MARKETING

Hello there, we’re Austin and Kiara, a married couple passionate about transforming the marketing landscape in our home state of New Jersey. Recognizing the need for authenticity and sincerity in marketing, we founded our company in Toms River. Proudly serving businesses throughout New Jersey, we’ve grown from our humble beginnings to a thriving enterprise, now with over 5 dedicated full-time employees. Our journey began with a vision to provide genuine and reliable services, and we’re committed to continuing this mission as we expand and support businesses across the state.

Austin, a Computer Science graduate from Ocean County College, brings a strong technical foundation to Stock Solutions. With seven years of experience in digital marketing, he seamlessly blends his academic prowess with practical expertise to devise innovative strategies for clients. His background enables him to navigate the intricate landscape of online platforms, ensuring optimal performance and results.

On the other hand, Kiara, his partner at Stock Solutions, specializes in social media marketing. With five years of dedicated experience in this field, she’s honed her skills in crafting engaging content, fostering community engagement, and leveraging platforms to drive brand visibility. Kiara’s expertise lies in understanding the nuances of social media algorithms and trends, steering Stock Solutions towards maximizing the impact of their clients’ social media presence. Together, Austin and Kiara synergize their talents and experiences to lead Stock Solutions to new heights in the digital marketing realm.

At Stock Solutions, we bring a wealth of experience and innovation to the table when it comes to helping businesses kick-start their digital marketing. Our journey through countless projects has honed our skills and deepened our understanding of what it takes to create a successful online presence.

NJ Seo How To Rank Higher
How We Do It
We combine captivating content with cutting-edge SEO strategies to elevate rankings and prompt sales.

Our digital expertise ensures engaging experiences that effectively reach and engage the right audience, driving meaningful interactions and conversions.

Our Marketing Process
SMART Marketing Process

When we first on-board you as a client we collect as much information about your business and current local competitors to see what strategies will work best.

Web Design

Every marketing objective, whether it's increased calls or traffic, hinges on your website. Google scans your site for crucial data that significantly impacts your ranking. Moreover, your website is the initial impression for customers. That's why we meticulously craft high-end, conversion-driven websites to ensure a luxurious user experience that captivates your audience from the outset.

GMB Management

Your Google Business profile holds immense importance, often being the gateway for a significant portion of incoming calls after your website. Employing strategic tactics, we focus on boosting its ranking and visibility. Our approach involves deploying compelling ads and captivating content to maximize your profile's reach and impact.


Upon establishing your presence, our commitment doesn't cease. We understand the significance of sustaining your marketing endeavors to remain competitive. That's why we prioritize maintaining your current ranking and call volume, ensuring continuous growth and sustained competitiveness in your industry.

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